Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1 My Favorite Things about Nate! :-)

When reflecting on our relationship today, I quickly jotted down 10 things I love about Nate! :-) 
Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! :-) 
  1. When you do things "just because." I love it when you call me and leave sweet messages on my phone saying how much you love me or when you send me flowers for no reason! :-)
  2. I am daily in awe of how much you love my family! 
  3. You live out James 1:27. I will never forget when you started reading Proverbs to me over the phone the second day we had known each other! You truly are the spiritual leader in our house! :-)
  4. You are my rock Isaiah 32:2
  5. I love when we get the giggles (at in opportune moments) and cannot look at each other or else we will bust into laughter!
  6.  The type of friend you are
  7. The way you like to take the long way home on a road trip just because it is prettier. . .
  8. Being in the deer stand with you . . .
  9. How you play with the puppies EVERY SINGLE DAY when you get home. . .
  10. Your absolute and unwavering support of everything I do and the way you have more confidence in me than I do in myself. . .
I love you! :-) 
Thank you Jesus for Nate! :-) 
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    1. ahh so sweet elizabeth ann!! what a sweet post and i know you are very thankful for Jesus for him each and every day. happy valentines day sweet friend!


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