Monday, February 13, 2012

1 Mr. Chewy Dog Food Delivery! :-)

Saturday was Gus' 8th birthday!
He, of course, was pampered throughout the weekend, got lots of treats and bones, and received many birthday rubs and cuddles!
We love our dogs so much! But to be honest, going to the store to buy their dog food is almost a trip in and of itself. A bag of dog food takes up the entire bottom of the grocery cart which leaves little room for the rest of the things I need for the week. And then there is Petsmart or Petco. . . and Nate and I REALLY have a hard time walking in there WITHOUT walking out with another furry friend!
All this to say, when I read Thankfully Thrifty's review of Mr Chewy's dog food delivery service, I literally raced to the website and ordered 3 bags of dog food in record timing! I would have paid more than I usually do on dog food just to have Gus and Wrigley's food delivered to my front door, but, incredibly, I saved money! The dog food is priced comparably to what you would pay at a grocery store (and less than Petsmart or Petco), you receive free shipping if you spend over 49 dollars, and right now, if you set up a scheduled delivery you will lock in free shipping for life! :-) Another thing, I LOVE about Mr. Chewy is if you have ANY questions during your time on the website, all you have to do is click on the "Questions. We are happy to help" button and you immediately chat live with a Mr Chewy representative! I chatted with Phil about how long shipping usually takes and it was a lovely experience! Mr Chewy's dog food delivery normally ARRIVES at your front door in 1-2 days! Mr Chewy offers more than 70 brands of dog and cat food as well as treats and puppy training tools! From the easy to navigate website to the customer service, Mr Chewy is a joy to work with! When our dog food arrived at our front door the Hallejuah chorus immediately started playing in my head! Believe me, I have already scheduled our next delivery!
I did receive compensation for this review but all the words and thoughts are my own! I am OBSESSED with Mr Chewy! :-)
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  1. Bummer...ours isn't cheaper. I HATE buying dog food. Whenever I go to Sam's, I have to solicit some guy to come help me b/c I can't lift the dad gum bag! This service would be perfect!


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