Friday, June 20, 2014

2 Guest Post on Gloriously Ruined

This morning, I'm over at my sweet friend, Wynne's blog, Gloriously Ruined talking about our journey to have Tess! :-) I hope you'll join me! :-) 

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

1 Beach Body

After Tess was born, I had a hard time fitting in a good workout every day. We would take walks outside or I would walk on my treadmill but I wasn't seeing the results that I wanted! 
Thankfully, a friend of mine introduced me to Beachbody, which is the company that is responsible for P90x and T25 to name a few! 

I started doing T-25 and fell in love. 
It is only 25 minutes and is something I can do before Tess wakes up or during nap time! 

Right now I am also following the 21 Day Fix plan!
It is really helping me learn portion control and is making sure I eat a variety of different healthy foods! 
It seems like the BeachBody products are made for busy moms! From getting Tess fed to keeping our house in order, I don't have very much time to fix lunch! So I always make a Shakology shake for lunch! A scoop of Shakology, ice and water and then 5 seconds in the blender is my kind of prep time! :-) 

All this to say, Beachbody products have really helped me find a balance between taking care of myself and my family! 

I have started a new facebook page and Instragram for accountability, healthy recipe exchanges, and workout motivation! I'd love for you to follow me! :-) 
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

0 Tess: 8 Months

Sweet baby girl has grown so much since my last post about her! :-) 

Her cute personality is coming out! 

Nate and I look at each other in awe and just cannot thank the Lord enough for this incredible gift! 

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Friday, January 17, 2014

0 Apple Pie Oatmeal

Cooking with a newborn is somewhat of a challenge. . . 
so it is always great to find easy recipes that have just a couple of ingredients and that I can prepare while wearing Tess! 
I made this one night this past week and we loved it! Not only is it healthy, this oatmeal is amazing and the leftovers were great the next day! 
(Still haven't figured out how to take a beautiful picture while wearing Tess. . . let alone how to take a beautiful picture of oatmeal! So excuse my I-phone picture!  :-) 

Apple Pie Oatmeal 
1 cup Steel Cut Oats
4 cups liquid (I used milk) 
2 TBS cinnamon
1 apple (skinned and chopped) 
1/4 cup raisins
Put apple, cinnamon and raisins in the slow cooker. Then add oats and liquid. Cover and set to low for 7 hours. (I put it on high and just kept an eye on it and it was probably done in 2 hours or so) 
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

6 Tess: Almost 3 months!

I was so thankful for every part of my pregnancy, but for almost a year, I have had no desire to be in the kitchen. 
In the past month or so my old self has been roaring back with a vengeance and I have enjoyed cooking and baking like before! 
I'm having a hard time capturing pictures and writing blog posts of the recipes that we love but I will find a good balance soon and Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box will be up and running again! 

In the meantime. . . 

Someone slept most of the month of October. . . 
Loved spending time with her Great Grandmother Gigi,
 Wished Daddy a happy opening weekend of deer season, 
 Has gone on tons of walks, 
 Turned one month old, 
 Thanksgiving tired her out, 
 So she slept some more, 
 Celebrated being 2 months old, 
 Loves riding in the car, 
 Adores ceiling fans, 
 and is just as precious as can be! :-) 
Our hearts are full of thankfulness!!
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

9 She is here! :-)

On October 14th, at 41 weeks, Tess made her fashionably late entrance! :-) 
We were so blessed to have Kara Trail from Miroma Photography at the birth to capture such special memories :-) 
Gus and Wrigley already love their little sister! :-) 
We are so in love!
"Though hast put gladness in my heart" Psalm 4:7
God is so good and we are so thankful! :-) 
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Saturday, August 31, 2013

5 Update: 34 weeks

This has been such a busy summer and I am going to get back into cooking, baking and blogging . .  soon. . . but today I am just giving you a little bump update! :-) 

Gus and Wrigley already love their little sister so much! 
We are so thankful! :-) 
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