Tuesday, January 7, 2014

6 Tess: Almost 3 months!

I was so thankful for every part of my pregnancy, but for almost a year, I have had no desire to be in the kitchen. 
In the past month or so my old self has been roaring back with a vengeance and I have enjoyed cooking and baking like before! 
I'm having a hard time capturing pictures and writing blog posts of the recipes that we love but I will find a good balance soon and Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box will be up and running again! 

In the meantime. . . 

Someone slept most of the month of October. . . 
Loved spending time with her Great Grandmother Gigi,
 Wished Daddy a happy opening weekend of deer season, 
 Has gone on tons of walks, 
 Turned one month old, 
 Thanksgiving tired her out, 
 So she slept some more, 
 Celebrated being 2 months old, 
 Loves riding in the car, 
 Adores ceiling fans, 
 and is just as precious as can be! :-) 
Our hearts are full of thankfulness!!
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