Monday, November 30, 2009

1 Just call me Betty!

When Dave Riggle asked me in premarital counseling, "What is your expectation of marriage?" Nate and I looked at each other and had to laugh! I proceeded to share my expectation of myself as Nate's wife. . .

Think of Paula Deen, Betty Crocker, June Cleaver, and Florence Henderson all rolled up into one and. . . drum roll please. . . that is my outlook on being Nate's wife!

I want the white picket fence, the 2.5 kids and the dog! I want dinner hot and on the table, the kids perfectly dressed and seated, and me in my apron, high heels, and pearls when Nate walks in the door with, "Hi Honey! I'm home!" Basically I was born in the wrong decade! (I know my married friends are at this point sighing and rolling their eyes!) But I can dream, right?
I adore being a hostess and serving others! Nate gave me the best "Thanksgiving" present this year. We ate lunch on Thursday at the Petroleum Club and because of that, had no leftovers. Friday afternoon, Nate was craving leftovers and I told him I would just "whip up" a Thanksgiving meal for us! I have always wanted to cook a WHOLE Thanksgiving meal and Nate gave me the perfect opportunity!
I baked the dinner on a smaller scale, minus the 18 pound turkey! :-) I even timed everything perfectly so that the second Nate put his fork down, the timer went off to pull the blackberry pie out of the oven! :-) (now how Carol Brady-ish is that!)

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0 My Cup Runneth Over . . .


A time to go around the table and express your proverbial wisdom by trying to come up with an original answer to "what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving!"

Each year, I am overwhelmingly blessed but this Thanksgiving was different. This Thanksgiving, my heart felt like it would burst from happiness. Looking around the table at lunch, I silently lifted up such a grateful prayer for those who were surrounding me! My Gigi is alive, kicking and still sassy at 88 after being in a major car accident which left her in the hospital for a month! My parents grow more in love with each other every year! I am blessed with a hilarious and fun-loving brother who makes every situation he is in better because of his presence! And then there is Nate. . . Words cannot express my thankfulness to the Lord for placing him in my life! We were missing someone this Thanksgiving, but I was grateful for the fact that Parker was not with us. He got to spend quality time with his girlfriend, Emily's, family which was well worth his absence at our table! One more thing to be thankful for. . . Emily! I could not have dreamed up someone more perfect for Parker! Emily challenges him, encourages him, has childlike faith and unwavering character. All in all, my cup runneth over. . .
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

7 "When I fall in love. . . "

I am marrying the most amazing man in the world on June 5th! I keep pinching myself to make sure that I am not dreaming and really am spending the rest of my life with Nate!

On Wednesday, November 4th, Nate told me that he was going to come to my house and we were going to go to dinner! After spending some time together, Nate told me to go and look upstairs because he hid something for me in my room! I looked and looked and after having to get some hints from Nate found. . . a 25 WSSM Super Short Mag!!

I was SOOOO excited! This gun is not made anymore and it is virtually impossible to find new! Nate found me a new one and it is beautiful!!!! Deer season starts this weekend and I was thrilled!!!! This past deer season, I used our friend, Chris' WSSM and did really well with it! Since then I had been looking for one with no luck! He kept telling me he was going to take pictures to show Chris! Nate kept taking pics and telling me to turn around and point the gun so he could see all of it.

I turned back around and Nate was on one knee with a RING in his hand!!!! I was in total shock when he asked me to marry him! I kept just yelling "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!"

Numerous people knew the day it happened including my sweet roommate, Amy!

After calming down, I tried calling my parents but they would not answer. They told me earlier that they were going to a Sunday School party that night! After literally calling them for 30 minutes, Nate told me to call other people! He said we had dinner reservations at Maggianos at 6:30 so we left for dinner with me still in shock!

Still not being able to believe what was happening, we walked into Maggianos and saw my family, Gigi, Elizabeth Mayfield, and the Hutkas! I could not believe the Hutkas drove in from Navasota just to have dinner with us! What special friends! My family was so excited and that excitement has not worn off for any of us! I am forever thankful for the Lord placing Nate in my life and in his perfect way leading us to this point!

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