Sunday, August 23, 2009

3 My Prince Charming

There are many characteristics about Nate that I love. . . his humor, his smile, the way he leads in our relationship, his unquestionable love and respect for the Lord and his constant devotion to me. I thank Jesus daily for putting such a wonderful man by my side.

One particular characteristic that Nate has shown in our relationship is the ability to swoop in and "save the day!" Many stories come to mind but three particular ones show this 'princely' quality of my man!

Through a miscommunication at Erin Bailey's wedding, I lost my bag that I took to the bridal dressing room. The day after the wedding, I realized that no one had it or had seen it and needless to say, I was distraught. Not only did it contain some jewelry from Europe, that was irreplaceable, it also had my AG jeans, my Chi, and ALL of my Bobbi Brown makeup. My LIFE was in that bag! After realizing that it was gone, I just sat in my hotel room and wallowed in self pity. Nate, on the other hand, immediately took charge and scoured the hotel, questioned almost everyone at the wedding, took me to where the wedding was, and to the where some of my friends went after the wedding. He would not rest until he found my bag! On the car ride home, I burst into tears (Nate cannot stand to see me cry) and he just kept saying we will find it! We found it the next day and I will never forget Nate's tireless search!

Let me set up the stage of the next story . . . I had been on jury duty for over two weeks. The lawyers were giving their closing arguments and I was headed to the courtroom. As usual, I allowed extra time, due to the fact that I hate being late! While driving on Allen Parkway, right before Waugh, I hit a curb, popped the two right tires, and my airbag deployed. I was sitting on a blind curve and immediately begin watching cars come to a screeching halt before they almost slammed into the back of me! I called the always reliable AAA and then my next call was to Nate. He was at his weekly Bible Study with my dad and literally got to me in 10 min flat! After calling 911, talking with the tow trucker and discussing the best plan of action, he took me to court, met the tow truck driver at the VW dealership and proceeded to take care of everything having to do with my car for the next month. His famous words are, "Don't worry about it! I'll handle it!"

My hero will also come to my rescue this week! We were in College Station on Saturday with my family watching my 65 year old aunt sky dive (a story for another day!) and on the way out of town my car broke down. Once again, Nate just went into his 'save the day' mode! Since nothing was open, Nate called the Gayle's and they graciously allowed us to park the car at their house until Monday! Luckily, my parents could take us back to Houston and Parker is playing ball in Michigan, so I am currently driving his car. Nate is going to College Station, first thing Monday morning, to once again, take care of everything!

Somehow, he has helped everyone in my family! His expertise and advice ranges from redecorating to dating! He is truly loved by all of us!

Every girl dreams that one day her Prince Charming will come . . . through the Lord's PERFECT timing, mine 'rode' into my life one special February day! Thank you Jesus for Nate!

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