Sunday, August 14, 2011

10 What Heaven looks like . . .

This is picture is the closest thing to heaven that I can imagine as a human here on earth. . . 
I introduced you to Lisa, Joey, Audrey, and Archie a couple of months ago. . . and this past week has been one that their family will never forget!
God's hand has been over their entire adoption process but He showed himself faithful yet again when the amazingly, talented Whitney Runyon and her husband, Nick, were able to go with Joey to Bulgaria to document him picking up Archie and bringing him home! Everyone has different spiritual gifts and Whitney's is definitely photography!

Lisa and Audrey telling Joey goodbye at the airport. 
 {Whitney Runyon}

Archie greeting his daddy at the orphanage. . .

Archie immediately pretended to call mommy!
Archie's going away cake that Lisa and Joey gave to the orphanage. The top right hand corner says "Joey, Lisa, Ace". And at the bottom it says "with thankfulness to all of you and your care for our son".
Archie excited about the sparklers
 One of my favorite pictures. . . precious. . .
The orphanage's send off ritual. . . the child drinks from a bowl of water. . .
 Then the water is thrown on the steps and the child and their new family walk over the water. . 

The people who worked at the orphanage telling Archie goodbye!
Loves his daddy

Due to the amazing people that Lisa and Joey are, two different photographers were at the airport when Joey and Archie got off the plane: Whitney Runyon and Chris Hsieh of La Brisa Photography


I wonder if this is what Heaven is like. . . I imagine God on his knees with his arms open wide waiting for us to run to him. We have earthly parents just as Archie had incredible caretakers, but finally, finally we will come to our "forever home" and I wonder if it will be like the homecoming Archie received. . . with angels lining the streets and God waiting to envelop us in his arms. . .because we are home . . . finally home . . . with Him!
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  1. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful, amazing story! It literally brought me to tears :) I love the picture of Whitney and Archie running towards each other. God is so good! Thank you for sharing girl :)

  2. So, so sweet. What a selfless act of love.

  3. I met this couple at an orphan care/adoption meeting at my church. So neat to see these pictures on your blog. I remembered their faces, but not their names. Thanks for sharing! - Emily F

  4. What a wonderful story! That is heaven :)

  5. Wow...brought tears to my sweet.

  6. so sweet. i'm covered in goosebumps!

  7. this is amazing! thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautiful pictures. Lisa was a little Mem Forest pool rat when I was a she is an unbelievable woman and mother. Really beautiful.

  9. so sweet and touching. made me cry. am so glad you shared this.

  10. wow this is amazing!! i love awesome stories like this elizabeth thank you for sharing!!


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