Thursday, August 4, 2011

5 A sweet day!

I saw this beauty over a year ago. . . 
and used restraint by not buying it. . . twice. . .
but today. . . 
I had none!
Hope you had a lovely Thursday! :-) 
Mine was filled with sweet friends, a husband who still pursues me, and, of course, my new gem!!
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  1. I LOVE the last line of your post, especially "a husband who still pursues me"! SO important!! LOVE YOU friend!

  2. Would it be silly to say 'ditto' too? That is fabulous!!! "A husband who still pursues me". How incredible is that. I have one too, but it is not common. Have a fantastic Friday!

  3. awesome girl...sometimes you just have to splurge on something {you} want!

  4. Lovely!! I am going to have to seek that find out. And ditto on the hubby's remark! :)


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