Friday, August 12, 2011

2 Burpees for Berry's

Tomorrow morning, I am donating cupcakes for an event called Burpees for Berry's.
If you don't know the story of the Berry's read about it here
 One of my sweet friends is with the boys in Chicago at Shriners and their days are full of therapy and rehab but they seem to be doing great!
Never heard of a burpee?? Here is a video on how to do burpees (you'll get the drift in about 10 sec, so don't watch the whole thing) 

And this is what burpees look like at the elite level! (again, you'll get the gist after about 20 seconds)

Tomorrow, we will do our Saturday workout as usual but then at 10:30 we will do as many burpees as we can in 2:00 minutes. Imagine over 100 people doing burpees! It is going to be incredible and all the money is going to those precious kids! We have been accepting pledges for however many burpees we do which will go directly to the Berry's Trust Fund. If you would like to donate to the Berry's Trust Fund email me and I'll give you more details! 
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  1. you are so sweet to be donating. what a great cause you are helping out elizabeth ann!! i hope everyone enjoys your cupcakes and the event is very successful for the organization!

  2. That is so wonderful girl! My friend does Cross Fit and I have heard all about the WAD and burpees - it is a great work out and even better that you are combining it with an awesome cause :)!


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