Thursday, May 5, 2011

7 On my heart. . .

I want to tell you a story. . . 
I flew into Charlotte a couple years ago to meet up with two of my best friends from high school. As I was waiting on my luggage, I saw a young couple walk down the stairs with a precious Asian girl in their arms. At the bottom of the stairs were the couple's family, with balloons, signs, hugs, and tears. In an instant, I realized what I was witnessing. . . this couple was bringing their daughter home for the first time. . . oh how it touched my heart. . . I, too, cried in that airport . . .
I have such a tender heart when it comes to children. . . 
So when I hear about sweet friends adopting children, saving a child from a lifetime without parents, and forever blessing their OWN lives with the addition of a special gift from God. . . it makes me cry tears of joy. .
I have loved reading all the adoption stories on Faith Blogs and it is amazing to see the patience of the parents as they wade through all of the red tape, the sweet joy on the faces of the children as they meet and get to know their family for the first time, and above all, God's hand in the entire process. 
A few journeys that I am "praying" through with friends are . . . 
The Eicher's as they wait on sweet Archie from Bulgaria
Wynne and Stephen waiting on Camp from Ethiopia 
The Kohlbachers waiting on a little boy or girl from Rwanda 
AND I am also praying for Katie (from Faith Blogs) as she mothers her four children, including 7 year old Arnold from Uganda
(this is the first video Katie saw of Arnold. . . little did she know that, one day, Arnold would call Katie. . .  "Mom!" ) 
 Oh the tears. . . I just can't help it. . . I weep with joy and thanksgiving for God's hand in connecting two parts to make a whole.
"And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me." Matthew 18:5
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  1. Such a sweet post. I just love that Bible verse.

  2. This is so beautiful Elizabeth! Thanks for putting this together! Love you heart!

  3. As an adoptive parent myself.. I KNOW the beauty of this. When they placed my son in my arms.. it was one of the BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE! We had 36 family members at the airport to witness this and God has put everlasting memories in several of those family members that has changed their hearts forever in one moment. Wonderful post by you.. thank you!

  4. oh just precious, what an amazing thing to witness in the airport!! love you friend!!

  5. Love you sweet friend! Thank you so much for your prayers!!!

  6. Oh, I've always wanted to adopt, always, always. Maybe one day. . .

  7. Wow...beautiful post....I came back from a trip to Uganda a few months ago and I so could have bundled a few of those beautiful children up to bring home. Nice to meet you.


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