Monday, May 2, 2011

5 Cupcakes

Nate takes care of my car with such care. I have literally pumped my own gas a handful of times since we have been married.
A couple weeks ago, I was shopping and saw that Sprinkles cupcakes didn't have a line (for the FIRST time EVER) .  . . so I ventured inside, thinking I am going to surprise my sweet Nate with a cupcake. . .
well, one cupcake turned into
and then I saw a Dr. Pepper with REAL sugar. . .which is his favorite. . .
and, of course, Wrigley and Gus needed a cupcake too. . .
so. . . I went a little overboard. . .
which is typical . . .
But, Nate loved his cupcakes. . . and that is all that mattered! :-) 
13. The way I don't have to pump my own gas because Nate always takes care of it!
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  1. you are seriously the sweetest. im obsessed

  2. so fun, i LOVE sprinkles!!! :) youre a great wifey!!

  3. awwww. you are so cute! I have never had a Sprinkles cupcake...the nearest one is an hour away. boo! And, how cute that Nate pumps your gas? Precious!!!

  4. That is awesome! Sometime I pump James' gas for him! haha I can't wait to share your post with him tonight and now I want a cupcake.

  5. Ugh it just deleted my message but basically I just wanted to say that I love that you did this! And that if you follow Sprinkles on Twitter, they give out free cupcakes daily. You just have to know the password to say when you get to Sprinkles. :)


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