Thursday, January 27, 2011

3 Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up! Here are some great ideas from Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box to serve at your get together!
Of course, appetizers are the focal point of a successful Super Bowl party!! So in my opinion, the more the merrier! :-)
Avocado Dip
When hosting a Super Bowl party, I like to keep everything very casual and easy. Which is why I love these "main courses"! They can be eaten in front of the TV or standing up! 
BBQ Chicken Pizza Braid
BLT Wraps with Herbed Mayonnaise
I love to serve "team themed" dessert like cupcakes, rice crispy treats, or cookie cake! 
No matter what you serve or who wins, the best part about Super Bowl Sunday is the friends and family you get to spend time with! :-)
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  1. Don't even get me started on Oreo truffles ... I was introduced to them by a fellow supper club member a few years back and have been absolutley hooked. This was the first holiday season I didn't made them and they were sorely missed! Might be time for a batch to be made....

  2. um, we're coming over to YOUR house for the SB! yummm!!!

    also, i gave you a little award on my blog, feel free to play along or not. love you friend!!! xoxoxo

  3. Wow! With this spread, can I come to your house for the Super Bowl?!?! (I'll bring the cupcakes!) So many yummy choices!


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