Friday, January 21, 2011

3 New Years Resolutions

One the most cherished compliments I receive is, "This taste just like my grandmother used to make it." When I hear those words, I know I have mastered that recipe. (I almost want to go home and put a little special symbol on that recipe card to tell myself, "I did good!") You just don't get any better than someones grandmother's cooking. 
My New Year's Resolution came to me today. I have a million cookbooks, many of which I have never even made one thing from! I wanted to make a yummy dessert this weekend . . so I went to my vast collection of cookbooks and tried to find something really, really amazing! . . . as I was looking through the Westminster Presbyterian Church Cookbook from Nacogdoches, I realized my aunt had submitted some recipes that looked incredible. . my {great}Granny Craig's Chocolate Pie and a recipe for Dump Cake. But it hurt my heart that I consulted Martha Stewart for the Chocolate Pie and the Pioneer Woman for the Dump Cake . . . when I had amazing family recipes RIGHT ON MY BOOKSHELF!
So, here is my resolution. I am going to try to make more recipes from unique sources. Recipes from church cookbooks, family recipes, cookbooks that are out of print (don't worry I have MANY hand me downs that I KNOW have been discontinued!) As Tom Brokaw writes in his book, The Greatest Generation, my grandparents lived in ". . . the greatest generation any society has ever produced." They fought in a war that saved the world; they were frugal, modest, and raised their families with values, honesty, and character, and above all they loved their country. We have so much to learn from that generation. 
So, instead of "google-ing" a recipe for carrot cake, sweet potato pie, or date nut bread, I am going to go back in time and see what the "Greatest Generation" has to offer! :-) 
{This year is for you, Granny and Grandpa! I miss you!}
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  1. What a great idea. If some of the recipes aren't family secrets, do share!!

  2. I think this is a fantastic resolution. Nobody bakes like our grandmothers! Can't wait to see what you share from yours.


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