Tuesday, January 18, 2011

7 Fredericksburg

I seriously have some of the most amazing friends in the world! 10 years ago, we pledged Kappa together and our lives have never been the same! 
 We started the weekend off right with a little Coopers!
Then we spent the rest of the weekend hanging out. . . 
playing games. . .
 Cooking . .
competing in horseshoes. . .
Trying to stay warm. . .
and shooting guns. . .
 It was a very "Texas" weekend and we loved every second of it! :-)
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  1. Can I say "WAM, BAM"!!! Love you so much sweet friend!

  2. Way too cute. Nothin' like a weekend with girlfriends. None of mine have included shotguns yet, but ya never know! ;D

  3. That looks like a fun weekend! A girls weekend complete with guns has got to be a first? Love it!

  4. so fun to "see" you and some other fun, familiar faces! love your precious blog... i'll be back. oh, and happy wedding to you and your new hubby! xoxoxo, lindsay chapman todd

  5. Go Kappa! This is so Texas...love it! Just so you know, that was not my apt...I was just being silly and wrote my disclaimer in small print at the bottom. I just don't want to mislead you.. We are not that fancy...not by a long shot!


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