Monday, November 29, 2010

2 Tis the Season for CHRISTMAS CARDS!

I know that the Christmas card season begins when a sweet family friend sends out their "Thanksgiving card" every year! This family's card is always the first and it is so much fun to look at the picture, admire the pretty card, and then read the beautiful scripture and news of this past year! Christmas cards are definitely not the "real" reason for the season, but they are certainly an added bonus! ;-)
It has been so difficult to choose a picture or even a couple pictures for our card! Should we do a wedding picture, one from Whistler, Birmingham, with our puppies, or just a casual, picture of us hunting? Our Christmas card last year was our Save the Date and no matter what I find (in my biased opinion) nothing will match the elegance of our Save the Date. So, this year I am going with cute and casual! .
We are going to use Shutterfly for our Christmas card and I am having the hardest time narrowing down all of the beautiful cards! Normally, I am really good at just making a decision. . . . but this is just wearing me out! :-) Which is your favorite?
I love this one. . .
but this one is so cute too. . .
maybe I'm over thinking this decision. . . I'm going with this one. . .
but then I just found this one. . .
Aren't these Christmas photo cards PRECIOUS?
A great gift idea on the Shutterfly site is the photo calendars for 2011. We give my dad a calendar every year and it is one of his favorite Christmas gifts!
They also have the cutest party invitations . . . just in time for your Christmas party!
I hope your Christmas card decision making is much easier than mine. . . at least it is the season for lots of FUN MAIL!

FYI: Shutterfly is doing a promotion for bloggers. Here is a great way to receive 50 free Christmas cards!
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  1. i like the 2nd one from the top! but you're right, they are all cute!! i love shutterfly!

  2. My fave is the 3rd from top second face is the first one!


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