Thursday, November 25, 2010

2 Surrounded by Blessings!

As I sit with my Venti Carmel Apple Spice, I am overwhelmed by the blessing that surround me! I re-read my post last Thanksgiving and I feel like the Lord has only added to our family's joys!
Just two weeks ago, my brother married the most perfect woman in the world for him. It was only by God's perfect timing that these two met and started dating. Their story is a post in and of itself. But as reflected at their rehearsal dinner, Emily and Parker were literally made for each other. God's hand is ALL over their relationship and he has blessed them for their faithfulness. God is so good and we are so thankful that Emily is a part of our family this Thanksgiving!
There is another sweet addition to our family this Thanksgiving! Clark's girlfriend, Rebecca, is such a joy and a delight to be with! She and Clark have so much fun together and are the "life of the party!" Rebecca is so beautiful inside and out and I love the time we get to spend together (almost weekly!) I thank the Lord for the godly women that are in my brothers' lives!
My parents love has grown this year. They have married two children since last Thanksgiving and have weathered through pretty stressful situations (mostly Mom planning my wedding! :-)  with poise, grace, and their love has only deepened. This Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for Nate's relationship with my parents! Whenever he is asked about his "mother-in-law," Nate always describes her as the sweetest woman in the world! My dad and Nate are best friends and they love spending time together (and have so much in common). Nate, honestly, wants to hang out with my parents more than I do! :-) The Lord certainly out did himself when he designed our family dynamics!
I have the most amazing and beautiful friends! Each one has impacted my life in such a special way and I love reflecting over the many memories we have together! God has blessed me with friends from birth to bringing my "maid of honor" into my life just a couple years ago!
Our "children" also enrich our lives! Wrigley is "Miss Priss," pouts; drinks and eats daintily; gets jealous; is sassy; doesn't like getting her feet wet or dirty; loves to cuddle; KNOWS that she looks good after getting a bath or going to the groomer; has never met a stranger; LOVES kids; talks; and loves to PLAY! She is SUCH a good girl!
and then there is Gus. . . bull in a china closet; drools; eats like he has never seen food before; goes a mile a minute; is VERY wary of strangers; ADORES water, mud and getting dirty; is the best bird dog in the world; looks he has been trained in German Shepard personal protection school when someone rings the doorbell; LOVES to be petted; once he has ok-ed you to be around his mommy, he LOVES you; Daddy and Grandpa are his two favorite people to play with, and he is such a sweet boy!
It is fitting that Thanksgiving is our first "holiday" together! It is the little things that I am most thankful for. . . like when Nate surprises me at school with an extra large diet coke with lots of ice. . . and how he is so sweet to my kids! God has blessed me more than I could have ever dreamed about!
Last but certainly not least, thank you for reading my blog!! :-)
Happy Thanksgiving!
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  1. this is so precious, elizabeth. the Lord has certainly blessed you and you DO have an amazing family all the way around. i love reading your blog, girl!


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