Thursday, November 4, 2010

5 My Man! :-)

One year ago, today, Nate asked me to marry him! ;-) Click here if you would like to read about that wonderful and VERY surprising, special night! I have written about my sweet man here, and here, and posted about our wedding and honeymoon! But remembering him down on one knee a year ago, makes me want to tell you about him MORE! ;-)

My cute husband looks like he is in the FBI. Clean cut and ALL American! (he has a borderline panic attack if hair is touching his ears, and has to go get his "hairs" cut immediately so he doesn't look like a hippie!) Sometimes we eat lunch, after church, at the same place as President Bush. More than once, the secret service agents have mistaken Nate for one of their own! When he puts his sunglasses on, he looks like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. . .
Yes, that's right. . .HOTTIE! :-)

He is also SUPER protective of those that he loves, which is just another reason why I adore him! I run in a very nice neighborhood. . . imagine moms with strollers and labs, kids playing in the yard, etc. . . Nate ALWAYS wants me to take Gus Gus with me (who is my baby at home but an attack dog around strangers) and the mace he gave me! :-) I will never forget when he came home and told me he got me something! I was SO excited . . . flowers?? Jewelry?? "What could it be??" Nate proudly handed me a HUGE bottle of MACE!!!! And then proceeded to tell me that he researched the very BEST one and that the kind he got me was a gel so it wouldn't spray me AND that it DYES the person's face orange (so you can identify them later)!!! OH MY GOSH! I thought it was SO cute! (side note, he is a "flowers" guy and is constantly sending flowers to school "just because!". . . so mace is not my only surprise throughout the year!) Since then he has given me an even MORE "potent" kind of mace. . . :-) Gotta love him!

My man is a Texan and a COWBOY!!! He has that awesome Texas drawl and is most comfortable in his boots and jeans! (now he'll dress up and it is when he is in his suit that he looks like he just stepped out of the President's entourage!) Our first Christmas together, Nate wanted to get me something he knew I would like. So he saunters over to Galleria, finds a parking space for his F350 and goes towards the makeup area (he says all the lights and perfume smells make his head hurt). . . so this was a BIG deal! He then proceeded to ask the lady behind the counter for some Chanel (and oh don't worry, he pronounces CHANEL like the English CHANNEL) perfume! He chooses his favorite and gets it wrapped in "CHANNEL" paper to put under the tree. . . he was SO proud of himself, and I was REALLY impressed with his sacrifice to get me something that he knew would be a hit! :-)

There are so many more stories like how he LOVES his country. . . (our Tuesday was spent in front of Fox News watching the election results. . . with Nate cheering or booing like he was at the World Series). . . but I'll leave you with those for now!

My love for Nate is so much more than it was just 5 months ago. . .it is different, and almost unexplainable. . . . . I can't even imagine what it will be like in years and decades to come!

I love you! :-)

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  1. So sweet Elizabeth, but we all know that Nate is quite lucky, too :)

  2. Great post - you are sooo a Newlywed! :)

  3. so sweet--made me get teary-eyed here at work. i love nate too---and let me tell you, HE sure got a keeper himself!

  4. What a sweet tribute to your man! (The perfume counter makes my man's head hurt, too. Oh, the sacrifices they make for the women they love!)


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