Saturday, September 11, 2010

0 My Cup Runneth Over

Today ended the crazy week! It has been such a time of joy, a time of friends and family, and a time of celebration! This morning, I had the honor of celebrating my sweet friend, Elizabeth's, birthday with a brunch!
The best thing about having two parties back to back is that you can use the flowers twice! So I had babies breath on the table. . . in the living room. . .
 in the bathroom. . . .

and enough to put some in two bedrooms! I learned about three new recipes that I will post later from friends who happen to be amazing cooks! It was so wonderful to get to celebrate such an amazing woman of God!!
After the brunch I got to spend time with a special little boy who turned 1 this week!!This is Luke Jones!
In his mother, Melissa's words, "On September 6, 2009 we welcomed our precious Luke into our family. Four days after being home, Luke began blistering rapidly on every finger and toe and there was no skin on his heel. After weeks of doctor visits to MULTIPLE doctors, Luke was diagnosed with a rare genetic skin disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa, EB. EB is a potentially disabling and life threatening disease. For the EB child, simple activities such as walking, bathing, or enthusiastic hugs can bring intense pain. Wounds may cover up to 75% of the body, including internal organs, and require daily bandaging. There is currently no cure for EB." The most incredible thing about this sweet boy is that he has such a sweet joy about him. His smile is addicting and you can't help but smile back when you see this little one look in your direction with a face of simple joy and love! To me, Luke is more like Jesus than I could ever be! Just as Christ thought of others when he was in pain, Luke seems to have such a peace about him and always has a smile on his face even though he is in pain (Melissa, I know it isn't ALWAYS. . . but it sure seems like it!) I know that Luke's heavenly Father smiled down and sang with all of us when we sang Happy Birthday! He is so proud of you, Luke! To follow Luke's journey or to remember to pray for this special boy, follow his mother, Melissa's blog. . . .The Jones'
Luke's very best friend is James Thomas! Is he not just PRECIOUS? In his mother, Lindsay's words,"Our family has recently grown as we welcomed James Thomas into this world. He is an absolute joy and the best thing we have ever done. I am so in love and thank God for our gift every day. In October he was diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anemia. DBA is a rare blood disorder where the bone marrow fails to produce red blood cells. He is currently transfusion dependent and we will try a steroid trial sometime in the Fall." James Thomas is in the midst of the steroid trial and a trial it is! He is such a bundle of energy and I absolutely LOVED watching him run to his mother's arms today! What a picture of love! Please also follow their blog and remember to pray for James Thomas! The Garrett's
 These two mothers (and fathers) are incredible! Their unwavering faith is such an example to all of those around them and I am blessed by their friendship!
"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above" James 1:17
This week I had volleyball practice in the mornings, Back to School night, hosted two parties, had out of town guests, celebrated my parent's anniversary, cooked, cleaned, went to dinner with friends and spent time with a birthday boy and girl. . . and ultimately. . .  my cup runneth over! (Psalm 23:5)
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