Friday, September 17, 2010

3 In Trouble! :-)

Sooo. . . posting what I am making for dinner is getting me in trouble with my family! :-) My dad knows that whenever I make something and have leftovers he gets to have a little bit of it . . . there have been many times since moving in within a 5 minute walk of my parent's house that he has raced over for a "to go" plate of dinner, tin of cookies, etc! One of my particular favorites was one morning when I got an email titled "Double Chocolate Chip Cookies" and it stated. . . "Read your blog this morning! You had better let me sample some of those cookies before you take them to the softball game. I want to make sure that they are good enough to be served to your Sunday School Class. :-)" Pretty funny. . . right?! Well, one night this week, Parker emailed us and asked what our plans were that night. Clark said he was running errands and couldn't hang out. Parker ended up coming over that night and eating dinner with Nate and me! Well, a day or two after that when Clark was over, he told us he could NOT believe that we hadn't INVITED him to dinner! Haha! I told him that I thought he was busy and Parker just stopped by really quickly! Well, he let me know that he could CHANGE his plans if he was invited over for dinner! Cute! ;-) We have loved having both boys in town and LOVED spending time with them! Emily (Parker's wife to be) was in town last week and it was great to spend time with my brothers and BOTH of their significant others! We literally hang out with Clark and Rebecca at least once a week. . . it will be so much fun when Emily lives in town, too!
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  1. tell your daddy he can always bring some to his FAVORITE secretary too! :)

  2. ok, now i am really remembering your family. i think your brothers were on sports teams with my brothers or something. cute fam!

  3. Teri! I always have y'all in mind when there are leftovers! ;-)


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