Saturday, September 18, 2010

3 Baylor In Great Britain

I have loved reading about my new friend, Carolyn's, life in Austria on her blog, Life in Graz, Kambry, who is currently living in London on her blog, Our London Times  , and Robin who just moved to Edinburgh on The Ince's in Edinburgh. . .and it has made me miss all of my travels!!

One of my favorite memories from college was when I spent a summer in London with some of my best friends! It was incredible! We explored, went to musicals (saw Mamma Mia twice and Les Miserables), shopped (especially at Harrods), had High Tea (at Claridges), visited wonderful places and made memories that will last a lifetime!
We traveled for about a week before we started classes! We began our trip in France. . .
stopped in Monte Carlo and then moved on to England!
Stonehenge with my beautiful friend, Jenni!
We studied at Imperial College! (the perfect location right next to Prince Albert's Hall and across the street from Hyde Park!) Erin Bailey Simpson and I wanted to get the FULL experience of London so every morning we would meet in the courtyard (pictured below) and HAUL it to our favorite breakfast location numerous blocks away! After about a week, they knew our order by heart and we would enjoy our breakfast outside (same table everyday), I would share my butter with Bailey (everyday), and then we would race back to Imperial College to slide into our class just in time for it to start!

That first weekend in England, we went to the coast with a great group of friends! We surfed. . .
and slept on the beach!
Another weekend, we went to Ireland. . .
and then Bailey and I went to Lucerne, Switzerland! (Carolyn, if you haven't been here yet, it is a MUST!)
It was absolutely AMAZING! We stayed in the Palace Hotel and felt like princesses! We swam in Lake Lucerne, shopped and hiked! But one of our most memorable experiences was English riding in the Swiss Alps with a German instructor yelling at me (hey, I grew up in Texas and only knew how to western ride) "UP DOWN UP DOWN!" It was pretty hilarious!
We spent our weekdays going to museums and on day trips around London.
In Cambridge!
Then our last weekend, we all went to Edinburgh, Scotland and saw the Military Tattoo! The next day we decided to travel to the Loch Ness! So, we went to the nearest REI type store and loaded up on gear, grabbed the train, and headed north!
We slept under the stars and looked for Nessie the entire time!
God's creation is MAGNIFICENT!
I am so thankful for the blessing of being able to travel with some of my very best friends! The whole time we were there I truly believe we absolutely LIVED IT UP! We would tell each other we could sleep when we got home but that this would be the only trip like this we would ever go on! When else in your life can you spend a summer abroad with numerous amazing friends? Years later, I treasure these memories and know that I will keep them in a special place in my heart forever! AND I can honestly say this about the sweet friends I traveled with, "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you." Phil 1:3
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  1. Ahh...I did the college trip too and we had a brief visit to Lucerne, but definitely not long enough! So glad I did it too!

  2. awe, just saw this--love Baylor in Great Britain! THE best! xx


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