Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3 Honeymoon!

Yesterday I coached a volleyball game in a gym that was LACKING air conditioning! We won but the gym being 900 degrees and the Texas weather being hot and humid has made me dream of being on our honeymoon again! Nate and I did not take the normal beach honeymoon where you lounge for a week! Nate's personality is way to "go go go" for lounging . . . he could do it for a day or two but would then need to do something else, like hiking, golfing, etc! Nate planned our honeymoon completely on his own and it was a surprise where we were going. . . I knew that his short list included Hawaii and Canada! We had both been to Hawaii before so I was hoping we were going to Canada and towards the end of our engagement, he told me we were going to WHISTLER! 
We spent a night in Vancouver and the next morning grabbed the Rocky Mountaineer Train and headed to Whistler! It was AMAZING!
Whistler is a quaint little village that we LOVED exploring! We had plenty of time to relax but Nate planned one death defying outdoors activity a day! We rode in a Gondola peak to peak  from Blackcomb to Whistler mountains! (have I told you I am scared of heights?)

We hiked in the snow capped mountains!
we played golf. . .  .
 with bears. .. .
we got a couple's massage.  .
we saw more bears. . . .
went zip lining (remember. . .  I am afraid of heights!!!!!! :-) (but it ended up being SUPER fun!)
 we saw more bears 
we had fun dinners with one particularly lovely dessert!
we saw more bears. . .
we rode a speed boat up the white water rapids of a river . . .
and saw lots of wildlife!
we ate the best ice cream in the world . . .
anndddddd. .. . .saw more BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thanked God daily that I am married to SUCH a hottie. . . I mean seriously. . . look at him! :-) who. . . loves Jesus and me!
I saw.. . . . a beaver building his dam. . .! :-) they are such hard little workers!
We visited a waterfall
and then Nate took me to walk across the Capilano Suspension Bridge. . .
this one about did me in. . . I almost had to TAKE A KNEE a couple times while walking across. . .
we took our time going back to Vancouver (mainly because we were sad to leave. . . .)

We are planning on going back someday with friends! :-) It was the absolutely most amazing honeymoon EVER! Nate planned everything perfectly, picked the perfect location, and we were surrounded by nature and ANIMALS the entire time! I am head over heels in love with my precious husband and it was an incredible first week as a married couple!
Thank you Jesus for Nate!
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  1. SUCH beautiful scenery and couple!! what a fun, adventurous trip! love it!

  2. FYI: I would like to be one of the "friends" you go back to Whistler with someday. Love you and Nate so much!

  3. Thanks sweet Kambry . . . Rebecca: Birmingham this year. . .maybe Canada next year! ;-) LOVE YOU!!!!!


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