Monday, June 27, 2011

3 Leibster Blog Award

April from A. Liz Adventures recently gave me the Leibster Award (which is a huge honor because she is super popular in blog world and is quickly making a big name for herself!) So, thank you sweet friend! Go check out her blog and her amazing wedding! :-)
This award is meant to spotlight 4 bloggers with less than 300 followers that you just adore. 
The 4 blogs that I chose have a theme! Each one of these moms blog about their kiddos! But they are not just ordinary kids! They are extra special kids! So without further ado. . . meet these amazing moms and their incredible kids!!! :-)  

1.Jordan from The Folloder Foursome
Sammy Sue and Noah were born premature and have been in the "miracle" business ever since! They are the sweetest kids in the world and a hug from either one of them will absolutely melt your heart! 
2. Melissa from Loving Life with Luke
Luke has EB . . . but this does not slow him down! He has just learned how to walk and watch out world here he comes! Luke's smile might be my most favorite thing about him! :-) 
3. Lindsay from The Great Adventure  
Although James Thomas has Diamond Blackfin Anemia, he only has one speed and that is GO! James Thomas is a bundle of energy and I love how excited he gets over the little things in life! 
4.Amy from Sugar Savvy  
I have not met sweet Ada yet but I love her mamma (a good friend from college!) Ada has type 1 diabetes and Amy documents their daily ups and downs of learning and living with diabetes.
 Each one of these moms are my heroes. Please pray for these sweet children and go check out their blogs! You will be AMAZED! :-) 
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  1. What a sweet theme! Congrats on the award. :)

  2. congrats! you deserve all the recognition!

  3. Such sweet words about me and also your blogettes that you highlighted! I love your theme, you always have such a huge loving heart. <3


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