Tuesday, June 14, 2011

4 Easy Strawberry Trifle

Last night, we were celebrating A&M's win and planning our trip to the College World Series until well after 1 am. So this morning came quickly! I offered to bring breakfast to bible study and luckily made the donuts ahead of time but had to race to the store to grab strawberries. I accidentally grabbed (expensive, oops!) long stemmed strawberries, so. . . of course, I made chocolate covered strawberries with the ones left over and. they. are. beautiful! (such a great dinner party dessert idea!)
And now, I am going to share with you the easiest (yet very impressive looking) dessert! Nate even wanted two trifles after dinner! 
1. Buy a box of Angle Food cake at the store. 
2. Add water to the mix and bake it in 3 bread pans
3. When they are done cooling, cute them into bite sized squares.
4. Put a couple of angel food squares at the bottom of a clear glass
5. Put whipped cream (I just used Readi Whip) on top of the squares (but don't do this until ready to serve as the whipped cream will soak into the angel food cake) 
6. Top with cut strawberries. 
7. Repeat steps and end with strawberries. 
(of course, you can make your angel food from scratch and make your whipped cream from scratch. . . but you can also just use store bought items. :-)
ORRR, you could just slice pieces of angel food cake and top with whipped cream and strawberries! Either way it is delicious!
The Fourth of July is coming up and I am already thinking about my menu. . . these strawberry trifles would be a great addition to any party!
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  1. I've been coming to your site getting lots of ideas lately. thanks for sharing your talent in the kitchen!

  2. Have you seen my recipe for Strawberry Cheesecake trifle? Yours is a yummy looking, simpler version. The one Ive got on my blog is dangerous for your health but really good. Just another version to try:)


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