Wednesday, March 23, 2011

4 Kelli's Salsa

As I have mentioned before here, I go to a monthly bible study in which two amazing women lead us in growing our walk with Christ and in adventures in the kitchen! Last night, they wanted to make Kelli's salsa as part of our dinner. I have shared this recipe before but haven't really explained how much Nate loves it! Nate would really like to have a constant supply of Kelli's salsa in the fridge and never buy store bought salsa again. . . yes, it is that good! And with the lovely contribution of the food processor, it takes minutes to make! (Before marriage, and the onslaught of wedding gifts, I did make this "by hand" without a food processor, it was still wonderful but was definitely a LABOR of love!)
The salsa station. . .
"Food for Thought" recipe card!

Beautiful greens and reds. . .
All you have to do is chop. . .
How special a friendship is when you see a sweet girl's hands and just smile, knowing who they belong to! 
The finished product
and 30 minutes later. . .
So thankful that our friend, Kelli, shared this recipe with us that is made almost weekly in our house! :-)
6-8 large, ripe tomatoes
2 bunches green onions
1 bunch cilantro
2-5 Jalapenos
salt (lots)
garlic salt
lemon juice
seasoning salt
garlic powder
Cut up in food processor! Season as you like!
A lot of making this is tasting and deciding what you need more of. . . you can always add but never take out. . . so add jalapenos and seasoning slowly . . . for example, yesterday our jalapenos were fresh so we used two with seeds and two without seeds. . . whereas other days I might just use one older jalapeno with seeds and it will be hot enough. . . 

Kelli Hutka
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  1. how fun is that?!?!?!? i wish so bad we lived close :(

  2. Food for Thought was awesome last night! It was so great meeting you. Love your blog!

  3. Just made...still thinking about it...


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