Sunday, February 20, 2011

1 Yummy Slushy Punch

 Lindsay Donaldson shared the perfect "party" punch recipe with me last year. . . and now, I make it every chance I can!
I always double the recipe since my punch bowl is huge! and because no one can have just one cup! :-) 
(The following measurements equal 1 gallon freezer bag)
1 ½ Cup Sugar
3 Oz Cherry Jello (one small box)
1 Qt. Water (2 cups boiling for jello & sugar) (24 oz not heated)
½ Tbsp Almond Extract
½ Cup Lemon Juice
½ can (23 oz) Pineapple Juice (regular can is 46 oz)
½ bottle of Ginger Ale
(1 bag = approx. 16 small cups)
Instructions: Boil 2 cups of water. Put jello and sugar in mixing bowl and dissolve completely by stirring in boiling water. Add almond extract. Add lemon juice, allowing it to flow over measuring cup just a little. Add pineapple juice and remaining 24 oz of water. Stir well. Pour into freezer bag and freeze for minimum 24 hours.
Take frozen punch out of freezer 2 hours before serving allowing to thaw. Once the 2 hours has passed pour frozen punch into a large bowl and crush up the punch. To help make the crushing easier start pouring the (room temperature) ginger ale over the punch. Stir well.
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