Friday, February 18, 2011

3 Egg Sandwich and how to trick your steak and potatoes man!

My family, Nate and I all eat in moderation. . . If we are at Garden of the God's in Colorado, of course, everyone will have the Grand Marnier French Toast . .  but then we will go climb (the bottom part) of Pike's Peak. We don't eat King Ranch Chicken and chocolate chip cookies everyday but mix up incredibly "heavy" meals with salads, raw vegetables with balsamic vinagerette, and an occasional My Fit Foods meal (have you done their 21 day challenge?? We loved it!) And a good cardio workout doesn't hurt!
Now my mom is a different story. She is the healthiest person I know. . . and (I hope you are seated) . . . I have never seen her eat a dessert in my entire life (seriously, not one). . .
Isn't she beautiful??
With moderation in mind, a healthy breakfast is perfect for those days that you know you are going to "overdo" it a little at dinner! It is pretty easy to eat a balanced breakfast (except for when we go out to breakfast and Nate orders the left side of the menu with extra gravy on top) If your husband is like mine, calorie counting is NOT in his vocabulary. . . so sometimes I have to "trick" him! 
A regular egg has 74 calories and 5 grams of fat but an egg white has 17 calories and .1 grams of fat. My hubby would NEVER eat WHITE rubbery looking eggs. . . so here is where the "trick" comes in play!
 1. Pam a skillet and set 3 eggs aside.
(Do you use Olive Oil Cooking Spray??? When I visited Spain, the one "foodie" thing I noticed was that olive oil was used in EVERYTHING! Even scrambled eggs had a touch of olive oil (since they use it to grease the pan) Olive oil is healthy but pretty caloric so "Olive Oil Cooking Spray" is the next best thing!)
I had chickens when I was growing up . . . and they were my PETS. . . so I can't imagine my sweet chickens sitting in a cage laying eggs their whole life. . . and because of that I buy cage free eggs. . (cute Nate went to the store for me the other day and was SO proud of himself for buying cage free eggs. . .. it's the little things that make our marriage special! :-)
Have you tried these sandwich rounds. . . they are like an English muffin but sandwich bread! :-) Delish! Warning- Nate thinks whole wheat bread tastes like he is eating cardboard. . . so just use a sandwich round for your eggs and a 96% Fat Free tortilla for your man!

2. Place only the egg WHITES of two eggs in the skillet. Then add one regular egg (yolk and all). This gives the eggs a yellow color without adding all the calories. Once you start scrambling the eggs, toast your sandwich rounds in the toaster. When the eggs are done, place them on one side of the sandwich round.
3. Then add fresh ground pepper. (this is one of my favorite weddings gifts)

I LOVE "Chateau Dains!"

4. Add a tablespoon of salsa . . . a side of fruit and . . .

Have a happy, healthy day! :-)
Not counting your side of fruit . . . Your breakfast is 213 calories and 6.2 grams of fat! If you use 3 egg whites, it is only 139 calories and 1.2 of fat!
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