Sunday, March 24, 2013

27 Our Journey: Part 8

After over a year of walking through the journey of infertility ‘quietly,’ Nate and I feel led to share our story in hopes of providing connection, fellowship, advice, and prayer for others traveling on such a heartbreaking road. 
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Part 8
 Waiting. . .
Again a supernatural peace but still so hard to wait.
After going through so many procedures and hoping I was pregnant, I wouldn’t even let myself get my hopes up.
I just kept telling myself, if this doesn’t work, we will just do it again. It is ok.
Don’t worry. Just pray.

Finally, the two weeks were up.
I went to the doctor, had the blood work done and then waited a couple of hours. 
My nurse called,
“Honey, you are pregnant!!!”
Oh the joy
The overwhelming joy.

When Nate came home I had a little onesie, a card, and a baby Bible waiting for him.
We were thrilled.
We went and told my parents.
Tears, hugs, JOY.
The next day we told my brothers and sister in laws.
They had been praying fervently for us and answered prayer is so so sweet!

Two weeks later, we went in for our first ultrasound . .  . and heard and saw the sweetest sound in the world.

God’s hand was all over our journey. In the darkest times, it was apparent that he was there. 
Our pregnancy is a miracle. Our baby is a miracle.
God is so good! 
God has heaped blessings on us since finding out that we are pregnant!
The main one being that I am pregnant and due within days of some of my very best friends.
And that I am delivering at the same hospital as two of my sweet friends who are due within days of me!
From when we are due to the excitement people have had over this pregnancy, God has blessed us.

HE is so faithful. God is so good.
We are so thankful.
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  1. THRILLED for you guys!! Congratulations!

  2. oh I am SO happy for you! you will be the sweetest momma! xo

  3. Congratulations! Many blessings sent your way! Erica

  4. So happy for you! I expect that God will use your story to encourage many others. Thanks for sharing and for seeking to point to Christ all the way along.

  5. Congratulations! I'm happy for you and I trust that God will continue to use your story to encourage others. Thanks for sharing and for seeking to point to Christ all the way through.

  6. I just read your whole journey and cried! I am in awe of your attitude and faith - what a wonderful example you and your husband are to all of us! Thank you so much for sharing this. I will be excited to follow your pregnancy!! yay!!!!

  7. I just read your whole journey and cried! I am in awe of your faith and attitude - what a wonderful example you and your husband are to all of us! I can't wait to follow your pregnancy! So happy for you. YAY! :)

  8. LOVE! What an awesome answer to prayer.

  9. Jenny McIntyre SmithMarch 24, 2013 at 1:54 PM

    That is such an amazing story of faithfulness, love, hope and grace!!! I am SO incredibly excited for y'all. Continued prayers coming your way!!! Can't wait to share the journey with y'all through the blog!

  10. THRILLED for you. thank you for sharing your story!!!

  11. Congratulations! So happy for you! When are you due??

  12. Congratulations! So happy for you and how fun to be pregnant at the same time :) when are you due?

  13. So proud of you dear friend ~ God is so faithful & your story is such a testament of His grace!!!! Love you & your precious little one so much.......can hardly wait for Oct!!!!!

  14. Ahhhh!!!! Congrats! So, so, so happy for you guys! When are you due? How have you been feeling? yay, yay, yay! :)


  16. Needless to day, I'm THRILLED for you guys! So excited to see you with a sweet little baby bump ... you are going to make such a magnificent mama!

  17. LOVE you three and can't wait to meet Baby Dains!!!!!!!

  18. Baby Dains is already loved so much and not even here yet. God is faithful - congrats!!!

  19. Congrats! Such a great story of God's faithfulness. Thanks for sharing!

  20. I know someone who is going to be a very proud GRANDDAD!

  21. Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us! God is so faithful!!

  22. This was so inspiring, well written, and REAL. You put a face to infertility, and will send comfort to so many. I am praying the biggest prayers for your pregnancy and for delivery, you both will do awesome. Luckiest baby in the world to have you guys as parents!

  23. this is incredible news!! praise God that you didn't give up hope, you stayed on your knees and He is faithful to you and Nate, yippee!!


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