Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2 Our Journey: Part 6

After over a year of walking through the journey of infertility ‘quietly,’ Nate and I feel led to share our story in hopes of providing connection, fellowship, advice, and prayer for others traveling on such a heartbreaking road. 
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Part 6 
It was time to move onto the next step. 
A couple of our friends have loved Houston IVF, so my regular doctor wrote us a referral and we made an appointment for a consult with Dr. McKenzie.
From the second we met Dr. McKenzie, we fell in love with her. She was compassionate and explained complex scientific procedures in a way that we could understand. She also experienced infertility herself and used IVF to have her own children, so she provided a unique and special view into our journey.

I actually got the idea of the title of "our journey" from her. I referred a friend and her husband to Houston IVF, and when discussing the different avenues to go down, Dr McKenzie said, "Well, Elizabeth will tell you that it is a journey." 
And it certainly was! :-) 

Test after test after test.

I am so thankful for Nate. He led such a involved role during this process, almost hovering over me. Through every test, blood work, phone call, and results . . . he was right there. Holding my hand and just being the perfect leader of our family.
There was no explanation for our trouble getting pregnant . . .  which put us in the “unexplained infertility” category.

So the plan was to do IUI with Clomid since my body had responded so well to Clomid in the previous months.
(again, Nate completed incredible amounts of research (and there was tons of prayer) before we felt comfortable beginning this next step)

But before starting Clomid again, a preliminary ultrasound showed that I had a cyst and I had to skip that cycle.
At the beginning of our journey, knowing that I had to wait another month would have sent me into a tail spin.
I remembered taking my first pregnancy test and thinking 'there is no way I can wait another month.'
But now, everything was so different.
I had faith that God was in control. There was a plan to help us get pregnant. And, to be honest, it was kind of nice to be forced to take a break from charts, pills, ultrasounds, and everything else that accompanied infertility.

We didn't get pregnant on our month 'off.'

So we moved onto IUI.
The cyst, thankfully, went away.
Everything went perfectly.
My body did exactly what it was supposed to do. 
Again, I thought, 'this is it.' We will get pregnant. There is nothing 'wrong' with us so, of course, we won't need to do IVF. We will get pregnant doing IUI and our journey will be over. 
Two weeks later  . . .
Not pregnant.

Another cycle of IUI with clomid again. . .
Not pregnant.
{Part 7}
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  1. Can I just say thank you for your sharing your story. But these cliffhangers, are just torture. Just sayin. :)

  2. ditto.... loving your honesty and bravery in sharing... but also on the edge of my seat


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