Saturday, June 9, 2012

2 Baseball Cupcakes

In honor of Baylor hosting a Super Regional today, 
here are some baseball cupcakes! 
The ideal treat for when friends come over to watch the College World Series, Home Run Derby or the 7th game of the World Series! 
They are also perfect for a sports themed child's party! :-)
I made these in the spring and have been waiting for the most superb event to share them with y'all. . . I think the Super Regional constitutes a pretty amazing event! :-) 
Good luck today, Bears, and SIC EM! :-)
Baseball Cupcakes
Cupcake Box Mix and the ingredients on the box
White Icing
Red M&Ms
Red or Red Checkered Cupcakes liners
Make the cupcakes according to the directions on the box. Ice cupcakes. Line M&Ms in semi circles on the cupcakes. Refrigerate!
Idea from Be Different Act Normal
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  1. Go Bears! If I can't cheer for Rice, I might as well go with whoever you are rooting for. P.S. These are adorable.

  2. Beautiful cupcakes, but they needed to be GREEN. We beat Arkansas whose colors are red and white. I was at the BU ballpark in the heat watching the game when I saw your post. I LOL'd.


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