Sunday, October 30, 2011

3 The Highlight of my Weekend. . .

This weekend involved lots of Starbucks runs, jewelry, a sweet late night conversation with my precious sister-in-law, an early morning volleyball tournament with a friend I'm so thankful to work with, catching up with a dear one on a long walk in the beautiful weather, a surprise birthday party that was incredible, more Starbucks, hugs from kindred spirits, rejoicing in the Lord, cuddling with three puppies, holding twin girls, a Halloween party, playing baseball, and being thankful for Nate!
 (I was a MHS senior girl! Northface jacket, Nike shorts, and tall Uggs!)
But the highlight of my weekend. . . was hanging out with this guy. . .
we are kind of in love. . . (or at least I am absolutely in love with him)
Now imagine that this little one, just 2 months ago, was in an orphanage in Bulgaria; without a mommy and a daddy. . . 
To say that he has thrived these past two months in his 'forever' home would be an absolute understatement. 
Is God tugging on your heart to adopt and change a child's life forever?? If so, email me. . . I have numerous people I could put you in contact with. . .
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  1. So beauty in living a life for Christ! Be blessed and continue to be a blessing.

  2. Looks like you guys had a such a great time!!

    Happy Monday,

  3. i love your attitude elizabeth! it is always so full of grace, gratefulness and appreciation for the simple things in life. and i love the adoption of that precious little boy, you can certainly tell he is loved!


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