Saturday, November 5, 2011

8 Guest Post from NATE!

My sweet wife has asked me to write a post on her blog for a while now. 
I reluctantly agreed to do so, not wanting to mess her blog up, so forgive me if this stinks. (Stay with me here and try to stay awake)  
Obviously, my sweet wife loves to cook. I love to eat, so it works! Every road trip I go on whether it's a hunting trip, business, etc I can count on a box of homemade, from SCRATCH goodies she has made for me. My friends or colleagues have grown accustom to this tradition and have even started to make requests! 
Now, I will tell you that when we first met, Elizabeth wasn't quite so comfortable in the kitchen. She really liked to cook and strived to perfect the art. I helped a little along the way, only playing the roll of tester and an honest opinion giver. I don't have to tell you those are treturous waters to be in. These days, it's not so tough. She legally has to stick around so I'm not AS scared to offer up my honest assessment. Little to none of that is necessary anymore, thank you Jesus. She does like to try new cook new stuff, stuff that I've never had before.
99% of the time it's awesome. Though, I'm kind of a traditional guy. You know, meat, potatoes, and chocolate chip cookies. What is better than coming home from work to the aroma of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven, and find your cute wife slinging flour and sugar around in the kitchen? Coming home to her is enough, but homemade cookies too, eat your heart out fellas. 
Now, let me say this, anything with cream cheese icing is HARD to beat. 
Cake, cookies, pumpkin bread, I could go on a while on that topic. Cream cheese icing makes all these good things great! 
Now, she's asked me to include a recipe on here. For that, I have something simple and sweet in mind.
A bag of teddy grahams, a jar of cream cheese icing and a gallon of milk is hard to beat. 
Thanks for putting up with my errant ramblings everyone. Happy cooking. 
Love ya, Honey.
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  1. Good job, Nate! I don't think I could ever convince Tyler to do this;)

  2. LOVE it!! great ppst Nate! I feel like I should know you because I love your sweet wife so much! we are hoping to all meet up at an Aggie game in CS someday! :) PS you totally made me want teddy grahams and icing right now. i might be sending my hubbs to the store.

  3. Yay Nate! Great job! I love that you said "coming home to her is enough." Makes our jobs of spoiling our hubbies even easier if y'all are just happy with us alone :)

  4. If B wrote a husband's perspective he would more than likely comment on delayed gratification in eating our meal due to final picture taking.


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