Thursday, October 27, 2011

3 Smiling!

Remember my Stella and Dot giveaway?
Well look what the winner, Heather from Pirates and Princesses, wore while she was hosting ciLiving in Central Illinois! Watch her clip here
THEN, today, she blessed me with THIS!!!! The Pumpkin Fluff Dip is FAMOUS! ;-) 
Don't forget to check out Casey's Followers Fest! I've already found a million great recipes and holiday ideas! :-) 


I hope you have a lovely weekend!
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  1. Thanks for providing me such an easy, yummy recipe for the show! I'm kinda a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal, so I was super thankful for something easy that I KNEW would be yummy coming from you since I didn't even have a chance to test this recipe out prior to the show! Such a risk taker... I know. We MUST meet up soon!!! :)

  2. i am over from the follow fest and love love love your blog. i am a new follower! yay! hope you have a great weekend!


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