Tuesday, October 4, 2011

5 Owl Cupcakes

Since I was going to dinner with some pretty special little ones (and a specific boy who literally associates me with cupcakes) I decided to make something fun for them! After looking over some of my Pinterest boards, I decided on these. . . 
Owl Cupcakes! :-) 
They turned out so cute and the kids loved eating them! :-)
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Owl Cupcakes 
Chocolate Cake Mix (and ingredients on back of box) 
Chocolate Icing
Chocolate Gel Icing
Bake cupcakes according to box. Cool and then ice cupcakes. Separate Oreos. Dot gel icing on Oreos and place an M&M on top of the gel. Put Oreos on cupcakes and make a nose with an orange M&M!
Idea from: A Little Sussy
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  1. my sister is obsessed with owls. these would be perfect for her!

  2. These are adorable! I have these pinned on pinterest to make for my boyfriends parents! They love owls!

  3. so stinkin' cute!! love all your baking creativity elizabeth

  4. Oh my goodness I LOVE them!! They just look so cute!! I can't wait to make some!


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