Sunday, July 17, 2011

3 A Zumba Class, A Wedding, A Miracle, and A Melon Salad

Luckily, our fridge was fixed a couple hours after we called the repair man and that meant that I could get on the road to see some sweet college friends! It was great to lounge and just catch up! 
Saturday morning, Jenni had a Zumba instructor come to her house to have a class for us!
It was SO fun and was a great workout! Definitely something that I will want to do at our next girl's weekend! I had to leave our girl's weekend early to get back for one of my oldest friend's wedding Saturday night. It was a beautiful wedding and reception but one quote the pastor said really stood out to me, "When their lives are done let us find them as they are now, hand in hand."
This song was also sang at their wedding and I. LOVED. IT!

Another thing that happened this weekend was a miracle for Macy.
In my friend, Casey's, words,
"Today was like any other day. 
My kiddos often fall asleep in the car and I have gotten really good at bringing them in asleep. I parked, left the car running...brought them in, came back shut the front door of the car/ turned off the keys. Then I went around to our tahoe and shut Aiden's door. While I was moving the kids inside our dog Macy must have jumped in (she loves to "go" and climbed in the very back where I couldn't see her when closing up the doors. I came inside and assumed the puppies were both in sleeping with Aiden, this is usually what they do while A is napping and 
why I didnt walk in to double check, I will never know.
Today in Texas was a record heat day, the temperature hit 110 and 
our sweet dog Macy was trapped in our car for 3 1/2 hours.
 I really will never get over the next 30 minutes of events...finding her, dragging her to the middle of the yard, unable to move/ respond/walk, eyes rolling back in her head... hosing her down...laying on her, screaming Im sorry over and over and begging her to stay alive. We cooled her temperature down enough, wrapped her in cold/wet towels both crying and took her to the nearest pet hospital. . .
They immediately put her on iv and started running tests. Later in the evening she said that she has been researching for an hour about this because it is literally impossible for Macy to have lived this long...shes never seen a dog last longer than 45 minutes in situations much cooler."
Due to an ABSOLUTE miracle, Macy came home that same night with a bag full of medicine and wanted to play outside as soon as she got home.God is good. All the time.
And the last little thing I want to share with you from this weekend is a delicious salad.
There is a farmers market that I love to go to . . . 
And this weekend I had MELONS on my mind. . .
A beautiful melon salad is the perfect first course to a summer meal! Just use a melon baller and fill a small cup with honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon!
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  1. zumba is so much fun and such a great workout! glad you had a great weekend and I am so thankful for the miracle the Casey witnessed this weekend. She is such a sweet heart.

  2. Oh that story gives me the chills, but I'm so glad she is okay! This is a great reminder to all of us doggie parents out there!

  3. Thank goodness that she is okay!


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