Thursday, July 21, 2011

4 Guest Post: 9 Million Cookies

I'm guest blogging today over at one of my FAVORITE blogs, Pirates and Princesses
Heather introduced me to Butterfinger Cupcakes and I have been in love with her blog ever since!
ALSO she is hosting a precious giveaway right now! :-)
Have a wonderful Thursday!
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  1. Those Butterfinger cupcakes are AMAZING! Seriously, could eat that frosting with a spoon. Thanks for such a wonderful guest post & sharing my giveaway!!!

  2. yumm!! i've been so so bad at blogging and checking blogs the last few weeks. still trying to find some kind of "life routine" here in america! all that to say, i just looked at all your posts in my reader that i needed to catch up on and CANT WAIT to try lots of your recipes. we need to hurry up and find a place to live so i can start entertaining people! :)

  3. Those cupcakes sound super delicious! Heading over to check out the guest post now...

  4. I heart anything with Butterfingers in it!!! =)


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