Monday, April 18, 2011

3 A Winner and National Donate Life Month!

Did you know that April is National Donate Life Month?  
I have always felt strongly about organ donation. I remember putting the red sticker on my license when I was 16 stating that I was an "Organ Donor." . . .
Here are my thoughts. . . 
1. I cannot imagine being on a waiting list for an organ knowing that I will die without a transplant.
2. I know that I will be in Heaven when I die, and my body will be an empty shell. . . so why not use it to save another's life? 
WANT to be an organ donor?? 
1. Visit 
2. Register ONLINE to be an organ donor
3. Check which organs you would like to donate. 
4. I have a card that I keep in my wallet that states that I am an organ donor and a red heart on my license that states that I am an organ donor
5. TALK TO YOUR FAMILY and let them know your wishes
Myths and Facts   (from
MYTH: If I am in an accident and the doctor and hospital know that I want to be a donor, they will not try hard to save my life. 
FACT: Organ, tissue and eye recovery takes place only AFTER all efforts to save your life have been exhausted and you have been declared legally dead. The medical team treating you is completely separate from the transplant team. No one is contacted about your status as a potential donor until all life-saving efforts have failed.
MYTH: I don't need to tell my family that I want to be a donor because I have it written in my will. 
FACT: By the time your will is read, it will be too late to recover your organs. Registering on this Website and telling your family now that you want to be an organ, tissue and eye donor is the best way to ensure that your wishes are carried out.
MYTH: I am not the right age for donation. 
FACT: At the time of your death, the appropriate medical professionals will determine whether your organs, tissues or eyes are usable. Organs may be donated from newborns on up. Tissues have been recovered from individuals into their 80s.
MYTH: I have a history of medical illness. You would not want my organs, tissues or eyes. 
FACT: At the time of your death, medical professionals will determine whether your organs, tissues and eyes are usable. With recent advances in transplantation, more people than ever before can be donors
 Read about Bakerella's story here and here and please pray for her!

9. Awake, with time to spare, drinking my coffee on weekdays while it is still dark outside. . .

And the winner of the Casey Wiegand Art giveaway is. . . Morgan Lea @ Gloryfilled
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  1. Elizabeth,

    I love that you posted about this. As you know, my sister Lauren is a heart transplant nurse and gets to see first hand the relief, hope, and excitement on these patients' faces as they receive word that they will be getting a new heart... without it they would die. What a blessing to give someone on your way out of this world. I will be visiting today to make it official.


  2. I also love that you posted about this! I am a donor too and it is so so important! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I have to admit that I am quite ignorant of these facts -- thank you for this information!

    I have some free Easter / "He Is Risen" blog buttons if you would like one to display on your blog during Holy Week! They are on my blog and free to anyone who would like one. :-)

    Celebrating His resurrection,


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