Friday, March 30, 2012

2 How to Cook for Company

 {I shared this post a couple of months ago on Lark and Bloom but thought with Easter approaching, it would be appropriate to re-post!}

A successful dinner party includes much more than a well thought out seating chart and a lovely main course. Many times people get stumped on side dishes. So let me share with you some of my "tricks of the trade!"

 1. Color, Color, Color. The more color on your plate the better! Vegetables, salads, and soups are all amazing first courses or side dishes. Don't ever serve two whites together (i.e.potatoes and rice)! Pick one or the other and then add a vegetable!

 2. Speaking of potatoes, you should only have one starch/carb on your plate. For example, if your main course is pasta, do not serve potatoes with it. Or don't serve rice and pasta as side dishes. Choose one or the other. 

3. A beautiful dinner would include a brightly colored first course and a meat, vegetable and starch for the main course. I paired this Maple Walnut Chicken with spinach and rice. Add a Cucumber and Bell Pepper Salad and you are set! 

4. But above all, make sure you have WONDERFUL bread and an out of this world dessert, and your dinner party will be memorable! :-)
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  1. Great tips for an Easter brunch! That maple walnut chicken sounds amaaaaazing!

  2. Very good tips... and it's always ultimately about the dessert when we have parties (because that's all that really matters, right?) ;)


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