Wednesday, March 28, 2012

9 Baylor Bear Pancakes! :-)

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For those of y'all who don't live in Texas. . . 
football is everything. . .
as shown by Varsity Blues and countless other movies 
(minus Dawson's horrible Texas accent. . . "I. DON'T. WANT. YOUR. LIFE". .   . seriously, nails on a chalkboard. . . we don't talk like that. . .I promise) 
Football might be 'life' in Texas . . .but all other sports fall in at a close second. . . 
and this has been Baylor's year! 
From Heisman trophy winner RGIII to Baylor men and women's basketball in the playoffs, Baylor has exceeded anyone's wildest dreams!
These Baylor Bear Pancakes would make the perfect breakfast the morning of the Homecoming Parade, a late night snack after Sing, or just a great way to start teaching your children to love the Baylor Bears! :-) 
Sic Em! :-) 
Baylor Bear Pancakes 
Pancake Mix (Pioneer, Bisquick, etc)
Ingredients on Pancake Mix
Black icing gel
Make pancakes. Slice bananas. Cut one slice in half and arrange as the bear's ears. Place a whole slice in the middle of the pancake. Then ice as shown above!
Cutest Food via Pinterest
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  1. You are the cutest:) Thanks for your sweet encouragement!

  2. Sic'em Bears! (I've been saying that a lot these last few months????!)

  3. How precious are these? Oh my! Too cute!

  4. This has been Baylor's year. I can't wait to make these for James Thomas!!!!!

  5. Those are so cute....even though Aggies are better.

  6. I looooove this! As soon as Juliet can have pancakes I am making her these! :)

  7. so cute!! one of my girlfriends went to baylor - am going to send her this! xoxo


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