Friday, May 31, 2013

5 What Could It Bee? :-)

We have been dying to know the gender of baby Dains since we first found out we were pregnant! 
So at 15 weeks, we had a friend do an ultrasound scan and we were pretty sure.  . . 
then at 16 weeks we got another scan and then we were really sure. . . 
and at 17 weeks we went to my doctor and he confirmed it! :-) 

I have always wanted to have a fun Gender Reveal, 
but the vendors, and our friends and family made it even more amazing than we could have ever dreamed of! :-)

Enjoy a couple of pictures from the party! :-)  

{My sister in law, Rebecca, has the most amazing writing in the world and is starting her own calligraphy business!}
{A precious friend of mine, West, owner of Bungalow Card Company, designed these incredible invitations!}
 {Incredible cookies from a dear friend, Elizabeth of Eggleston's Edibles!} 
Nate getting the puppies ready for the big reveal! :-) 
It is a girl! :-) 
My dad just KNEW it was going to be a girl and made himself a button that he promptly put on the second the dogs announced the good news! 

God is good and knew exactly what we needed. . .
a precious little girl! :-)
Now it is even harder to wait for her arrival! :-)

Chalkboard: Rebecca Dalton
Necklaces: Party City
Invitation: Bungalow Card Company
Banner: (DIY) Supplies from Hobby Lobby
Cupcakes: Crave Cupcakes
Petit Fours: Moellers Bakery
Lemon Tarts: La Madeline
Banana Pudding Parfaits: Porch Swing Desserts
Straws: Cupcake Express
Cookies: Eggleston's Edibles
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  1. Yayyyyy! Congratulations on a precious baby girl! Adorable name as well.

  2. Love every single detail of the reveal!!! And I love Tess Reagan so so much!!!

  3. YAY!!!!! Congrats on having a girl!!! So fun!!!!

  4. YAY!!! I'm so excited for you! Little girls are the best. And that is just the cutest name. I hope Tess and Lilly are friends one day. :)

  5. OMG, Elizabeth! What a cute party. It was executed perfectly. So much fun. And yay for your baby girl Can't wait to meet her on the blog.


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