Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1 October Treats

I have a confession. . .
I don't really like Halloween. 
I don't enjoy sweet children seeing gravestones, scary monsters, ghosts and goblins. 
I don't enjoy that adult women think Halloween is the one time all year they can wear the most revealing clothing as possible. 
And worst of all, I HATE the scary/horror movie commercials that fill the TV throughout the month of October. 
With that said, I love pumpkins, candy corn, October weather, and cute costume parties! 
Our church always had a Noah's Ark party on Halloween and all of the kids had the cutest costumes! It was a sweet and wholesome way to celebrate the holiday. 
Even though Halloween is my least favorite holiday. . . I still have a couple of treats to share with you! :-) 
Whatever you do tonight, stay safe and have fun with your loved ones! :-) 
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1 comment:

  1. i am not a huge fan of halloween either witches goblins, devils, etc. yuck! these are cute halloween treats elizabeth ann!


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