Thursday, August 16, 2012

1 Monte Cristo Sandwich

I spent quite a bit of my time volunteering in the Junior League kitchen this summer. . . and one of the items on the menu that caught my eye was this Monte Cristo Sandwich! 
French Toast with ham and cheese and topped with powdered sugar. . . I knew Nate would love it! :-) 
I was right, he was obsessed! :-) 
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Monte Cristo Sandwich 
Two slices of sourdough bread
2 eggs
splash or two of milk
a couple slices of ham
2 slices of swiss cheese
powdered sugar
Mayonnaise (optional)
Raspberry or strawberry preserves (optional)
Spread mayonnaise on the two slices of bread and then build the sandwich with the cheese and the ham. Crack the eggs and scramble them in a shallow bowl or on a plate. Add a splash or two of milk. Dip the whole sandwich into the egg mixture. Place sandwich on a hot non stick skillet (as if you were making french toast). Once the sandwich is lightly browned on each side, place on a plate and sift powdered sugar on top! Serve with preserves warmed in the microwave or sweet potato fries! :-)
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  1. can you believe i have never had one of these sandwiches?? i have a friend who loves them and orders them whenever we are together but i haven't tried it yet...


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