Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3 Cucumber Bites with Garlic Herb Filling

Some friends of ours have a pretty amazing vegetable garden and were kind enough to give us quite a few homegrown cucumbers!
I have had my eye on these cucumber bites for a while and immediately knew this was the perfect recipe for the beautiful cucumbers! 
The cucumber bites turned out prettier and tasted more amazing than I had even imagined!
I served them to a room full of girls last night and, needless to say, they were quickly devoured! :-)
(Don't forget to enter the Stella and Dot giveaway! :-) 
Cucumber Bites with Garlic Herb Filling
Makes about 18 pieces
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  1. these are so adorable! perfect little bites for an appetizer party or some other event that requires munchies

  2. My husband would love these, maybe I will have to make them for Father's day!! Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower! I hope you have a great weekend coming up!!

  3. I think I might eat anything filled with garlic and herbs. I'll have to try this one out!


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