Thursday, April 5, 2012

2 Bunny Rabbit Cupcakes

More Easter Bunny Cupcakes! :-)
Stay tuned tomorrow for all of my Easter ideas in one place! :-)
Bunny Rabbit Cupcakes
White Cupcake Box mix and the ingredients on the box.
White icing 
Pink and White Candy Corn 
Brown Mini M&Ms
Pink Regular Sized M&Ms.
 Make the cupcakes according to the box. Ice cupcakes. Put two candy corn where the ears would go and place two M&Ms where the eyes would go. Then put the nose on!!! :-) (Note: Don't ice or put M&M on cupcakes until the day you are serving them. . . and refrigerate them ! :-)
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  1. these rabbit cupcakes are absolutely adorable! love them

  2. These bunny cupcakes are the cutest! xo


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