Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2 Buffy. . .

Nate started calling me "Buffy" the day he met me. . . no, it is not because I look like Buffy the vampire slayer. . . and no, Buffy is not a nickname for Elizabeth. . . why in the world would he call me that then, you might ask. . . .

When I met Nate, I was wearing a well put together outfit, I mean, hey, I WAS going to a baseball game in which I was going to know half of the players and tons of people in the stands . . . Nate took one look at my sunglasses and purse and said something to the effect of. . . you are a bank account slayer. . . I'm calling you Buffy. . . as in the bank account slayer. . . (which is TOTALLY not true!)

well. . .it stuck and now it is his cute little nickname for me! :-)

He still calls me all the other (normal) terms of endearment
But the interchangeable name with Elizabeth is always . . .
Buffy! :-)

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  1. Awww, what cute memories of how you two started off!

  2. I think y'all were at that baseball series watching Baylor!!! ;-)


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