Monday, February 15, 2010

2 Happy Birthday Gus Gus

February 11 was Gus Gus' 6th birthday! I had every intention to throw him a little party but. . . wedding planning got in the way. . . so he got a Gus sized bone, a Greenie, and lots of love from me and his caregivers at Grandparent Day Care!

In case you don't know the story of Gus' beginning here is the short version. . . I lived next door to two Sigma Chi's in college. . . they just so happened to have a boy lab and a girl lab. . . my sweet neighbors would let me literally borrow their dogs and take them running, babysit them, etc. . . I begged them to have puppies and promised that I would TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING! So they finally relinquished and on Feb 11 . . . Darla had 11 puppies with me there for support, a pat on the head and a "Good Girl" every five seconds! (side note: I don't know how people cannot believe in God after they see a birth of ANY creature. . . the innate way the mother knows exactly what to do. . . etc. . .) (I was blessed to see Gus born AND blessed to see Gus' puppies born!) Over Spring Break, Darla's owner, Cole, went skiing and I loaded Darla and the 11 puppies in the back of my Tahoe and took off for Houston. . . such great memories! After he was old enough, Gus came next door to live with me. . . and we have been best friends EVER SINCE! Now just to brag about my good boy. . . my dad and I spent wonderful quality time together during Gus' training. Gus has "drive" that people spend thousands of dollars for. . . our trainer still can't believe that he was a product of "backyard breeding!" Due to elbow dysplasia, he now hunts and fetches for fun instead of for competition! Everyday, I drop him off at Grandparent Day Care and he and my mom spend the day together (he needs his socialization during the day!) Daddy always has a Biscuit for Gus to "find" when he gets to the house and sometimes Gus gets to go to the office with Daddy. . . basically, he is MASSIVELY spoiled! But he deserves it. . . He is SUCH a good boy! Here are some pics over the years!

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  1. OMGoodness I LOVE Gus Gus (I can so see the mouse on Cinderella saying "raker reasy Gus Gus" HA!) Give him sweet puppy kisses from me and his BUDDY Koda!!! X's & O's!!!

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