Saturday, June 13, 2009

1 Play Ball


This word means so much to me! I love driving to the field and anticipating what kind of game I will be watching! Will it be a "track meet" or will it be a nail biter? (literally) . . .

I used to live next door to Second Baptist's baseball fields. My favorite thing to wake up to in the spring was the sound of batting practice!

Where did "the love of the game" start? Well, after being dragged to one million baseball games for my brothers over the years I came to love the sport. I learned how to keep score and to this day truly enjoy doing it! Keeping score is almost like a challenge to me. . . will the scoreboard agree with my judgement on the play? Will I know how to score all plays on the field? Sitting next to my dad all those years taught me quite a bit and I rarely make a mistake! :-)

Baseball has taken me all over the US! From the Bronco World Series in California to Spring Training for the Dodgers in Florida, most of our traveling was due to baseball. Baseball also forged incredible relationships and friends. . . sadly, baseball has ended for most of Parker and Clark's former teammates. . . the older you get, the fewer the players left in the journey towards the "big leagues." God has also taken away some of our baseball friends which makes us just trust in him, trying not to question why. . .

It is even through baseball that I met my man! God's perfect timing led me to a cute Aggie at the Minute Maid Classic!

I have so many fond memories of the game. . .

  • I remember Parker and Clark in their little baseball uniforms heading off to tee ball practice.
  • I remember the Twins with both sets of twins on the team.
  • I remember Mom and I walking up and down the streets in Monterrey eating and stopping in restaurants for a soda. . . just doing whatever we wanted while the boys practiced!
  • I remember when Parker was warming up to go in and pitch and broke Dad’s nose.
  • I remember eating at Luby's at 4:00 before a baseball game JUST so we could eat dinner as a FAMILY!
  • I remember Parker and Clark's senior year when they played second and short. . . "Dalton to Dalton for the double play!"
  • I remember when Parker signed with A&M and we all went to the MHS library to make it official.
  • I remember Mom and Dad letting me go to LSU to see Baylor play at the Super Regionals!
  • I remember going to the College World Series with Clark and sharing a suite because that was the last room left in the hotel! What an incredible time with my bro!!
  • I remember driving 24 hours (it sure felt like it) to go see Parker (the Mayor) in Mineral Wells. Clark and I kept asking how much longer because we were DYING!
  • I remember sitting next to Mom at ALL the A&M games talking about a million different things while trying to keep up with the game! One of my most favorite memories in baseball!
  • I remember when Dad texted me in the fall, “Call me,” and then learned that Parker had cancer.
  • I remember learning that Parker was cancer free.
  • I remember watching Parker have the best season of his life after defeating cancer.
  • I remember when Parker got Big 12 Sportsman of the Year and the following fall got in a fight that cleared both benches.
  • I remember watching Thebeau throw a 9 inning game to pull A&M to a regional win.
  • I remember watching the draft religiously and not believing my eyes when I saw Parker Dalton - Dodgers.
  • I remember going to my first Spring Training and seeing Parker make a triple play.

Baseball will come to an end at some point for our family. The day will come when Parker will either get released or pass the baseball down the bench with "For Love of the Game" written on it. But it has been an incredible journey while it has lasted. . . The Lord has provided some kind of adventures! I am just thankful that I have had the opportunity to be a fan of this American pastime!

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  1. That sure did bring back some good memories Elizabeth!


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